The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has presented the world with an unprecedented challenge that has tremendous impacts beyond what meets the eye upfront. One of the common responses in the hope of containment (and eventual elimination) of the disease has been the call for lockdowns, social distancing, and the "stay at home, save lives" strategy. While an important and necessary measure to prevent the proliferation of the disease, the lockdown has proven to serve as an enabling environment for several forms of gender-based violence to manifest: be it domestic violence, violence targeting sexual minorities, or child sexual abuse and a host of other forms.

This website serves as a tracker that curates the following sources of information documenting the rise in gender-based violence during the COVID-19 pandemic:
a) News media reports 
b) Organizational reports and statements
c) Governmental and inter-governmental statements and policy measures
d) Academic and Non-academic research reports.

In addition, this tracker is also rolling out a survey to gather empirical data from organizations engaged with receiving distress calls from survivors. These data are mapped and presented through reports, infographics, and briefing notes.

This project has been put together and run by The Gender Security Project, which works to expand the scope of the global understanding of gender at the policy, legal, and institutional level through research, advocacy, and education. The project is set up to take a deep dive into themes centered on gender, human security, peace, and conflict and related areas that overlap with these core areas of focus.